Custom Golf Club Fitting


Maximise your potential. You need to be playing with properly fitted equipment.  Enhance distance, direction, curvature, trajectory, consistency and feel.




Some of the main areas of focus are as follows:

Head Design/Shape

Loft & Lie of Clubhead

Grip Size

Shaft Flex

Shaft Weight

Club Weight

Call Jamie, Joe or Jon to book your custom fitting  0118 947 2909 option 1

Putter fitting

Your putter is your best friend

Golf Clubs

Perfectly fitted for YOU

Bag Check

Right through your golf bag.


Very important to your game!

Finding the right combination of these factors ensure you come away with a finely tuned set of clubs to suit your game and assist you in taking your game to the next level.

A fitting session last approximately 60 minutes for Irons or Woods and 90 minutes for a full bag fitting.

The cost is £40 which comes off the cost of the clubs when purchased.

An additional extra we offer is a free gapping session after any iron purchase to know your distances with your new clubs.